Thursday, January 2, 2014

The 2014 Alternative Midi Skirt

What happens when your leather mini-skirt and beloved maxi skirt are alone in your closet for too long?
The midi skirt!
I first came across this trend a couple months ago in Elle magazine.  It was then reinforced yesterday when I was reading my standard plane magazines: Vogue, Elle, Instyle, and Allure. It seems like the fashion world has seen the last of the mini skirts and maxi skirts. I guess we can all agree we were in the mood for something new anyway. What puzzled me most however, was how to wear this particular trend. You can wear mini's with tights and maxi's can easily stand alone (isn't that there point anyway?). It seemed like the midi was that child in the awkward in-between stage (tween?).  SO WRONG. When worn properly the midi falls into both category's. It can be accessorized or stand alone (I personally favor the plain Jane look. But, yes of course we can put a scarf with it stop insisting).   It can take you back in time (50's? with a dash of 90's?), or distinguish you as one who follows current trends.  And quite honestly, they seem much preferable to constantly pulling down your mini or tripping over your maxi. My personal favorite is the first picture posted, the contrast of the black and white remain simple but make a statement, dress it up with some gold jewlery and you'd be set to meet Queen Latifah.
All pictures via Topshop, Vogue, and Forever 21
Midi Skirt @Chai Cammy



The Midi Skirt

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