Saturday, January 4, 2014

How To Wear Harem Pants

Ah, a subject that plagued my thoughts for months when I got my first pair. I hid them in my closet out of shame after I showed one of my closest friends and she said, and I quote, "oh like Justin Bieber pants why would you wear those?". Ouch. Regardless I wore them around the house until I figured out how to wear them and a) not make me look like a Justin Bieber wannabe and b) look like I had some sense of style. These were my first "harem" pants Earlier Blog Post which I ended up wearing out to face humanity in a similar fashion but sans the headband and bag and I added a short moto leather coat over top. To me this seemed a little daring but hey, it worked!
I wanted a second pair of harems and found the perfect black staple harem pants at Theory.  In turn I found close to exact replicas at Nordstroms, Forever21, H&M, and American Eagle (links, if available, below). Just add a classic circle scarf in a bold color, white or black shirt (depending on your color harem's) and some boots for winter (doc martens always give a bit of an edge to an outfit). I ended up buying the ones from Theory just because I was planning on making these harem's my new best friends for a while. And we lived happily ever after. (Just kidding I've been cheating on him with a couple other harem's)
 More pictures to come but links below! (Please excuse the bad quality pictures for Today my Nikon is getting a new lens, need to be more careful when I travel with him :/ )

harem pants

Justin Bieber Harem Pants

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