Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Leather or Denim?

Ah, the never ending internal argument. Therefore, considering the negative degree temperatures outside, I decided to wear each for one day and decide which one would keep me the warmest. You know those new coats they're making now? The ones where they try to make it look like there's a sweatshirt underneath a leather or denim jacket but we all know the deceitfulness of the article of clothing. Due to the temperatures I truly did layer a sweatshirt underneath each jacket and not a lick of wind was able to penetrate. Loved the styles of each, they both give off a very unique vibe.  Therefore, they gave me the easy task of whipping on the same outfit two days in a row (atrocious I know but with -3 degree weather and 6am wake up call couldn't even begin to contemplate two separate outfits properly). And finally, the Keep Sneakers. Vegan Leather + Vegan shoes = Vegan squared (and I passed by a woman wearing a head to toe fur coat today and got to judge her ensemble without a fault in cruelty to my own outfit). 

leather @ chaicammy


leather and denim

denim jacket

denim @ chaicammy

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