Thursday, January 2, 2014

Daily Audrey Hepburnesque Inspiration

(yes auto correct i know hepburnesque isn't a real word... yet) You know that one accessory that you tend to put with everything and you only stop when someone asks "didn't you wear that yesterday? And the day before... and the day before..." well... that's me with the black floppy hat that I'm sure you're familiar with by now. I consciously told myself to put on the black waffle knit head wrap from Urban Outfitters (link below) and I had barely made it out the door before I ran back inside for floppy (that's going to be his nickname from now on, as I'm sure he'll make a return to the blog soon).  So, take my advice, invest in a black floppy hat, Chanel, Target, Nordstroms, Forever 21, wherever! Make it your own.  I found an old necklace and connected it to the top of mine.  It adds a unique touch and makes you feel like hanging out in front of Tiffanys, eating a croissant and drinking coffee with Audrey Hepburn.  Promise. 
But on to the rest of the outfit. It was one of those all black and red lipstick days.  I'm sure you can relate. The black moto vest blends effortlessly with the black long sleeve American Apparel Long Sleeve Tee (worn at least once a week, yes, sometimes twice).  If you haven't guessed already, my go to shoes are Steve Madden.  These black wedges are honestly the easiest things to walk in, I feel like I look like a penguin normally when wearing heels but these are just the right height and fit to be comfortable and chic and not make you walk like an arctic bird. 

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