Thursday, January 2, 2014

Savior Ol' Black Floppy Hat

I actually wore this outfit to the nutcracker a couple weekends ago when I was deathly ill (obligatory theater chandelier picture included).  But, this outfit kept me comfortable yet still feeling chic enough to face humanity. My dad told me if I coughed once during the show he would throw me out.. so... between each act, when everyone was clapping, I coughed up my heart under the safe cover of the enthusiastic applause and the ol' Chanel black floppy hat that I attached a necklace around to shine it up a bit.  About the outfit, the black maxi skirt is almost as important to me as pizza. ALMOST. Along with the bat-wing sweater and a white shirt and a sparkle of jewelry you too might be able to face the world while carrying the plague. 

Casual Fashion @ Chai Camille

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